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Track your shipments

Tracking Order

SkyNet You can monitor the delivery of your parcel at any time by activating the "track your shipment" system. By doing this you follow your shipment day by day and you can see where your package is at the moment and foresee the precise delivery date.

The "track your shipment" service is active on SkyNet network express delivery all around the world to ensure you a precise and constant control.

The online tracking service allows you to ship a package with peace of mind using the technology to the consumer's service

Check your shipment by entering the tracking code found on the waybill that we sent you by mail.

You can monitor your delivery from any device and know in real time where your package is!

Track your shipments: discover how easy it is!

The service "Track your shipment" is designed for all those customers who have ordered a shipment for a parcel to Italy or Europe and want to know where the consignment is located. Today, thanks to technology, you can take advantage of this service that until now was used only by a few large international companies such as UPS , FedEx , DHL or TNT .

How do I use this service? Simply insert into the boxes above the tracking number given on the consignment note you received by mail. All parcels shipped and travelling within the SkyNet network has a code number which can be traced at any time.

Imagine the complexity of passengers of all flights transiting around the world , multiply that by 100 and you get an idea of how much merchandise goes around the world every day. SkyNet is constantly involved in the management of this logistics system and you can check in real time where is your single package is and know exactly when you package will be delivered. To lower average delivery time is one of our goals!

We devoted a lot of energy and effort to create this service and are proud to offer you a better and improved service.