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SKYNET POINY help to ship your parcels and documents


What's a SkyNet Point?

Skynet-Point near


SkyNet International and Domestic Courier offers delivery services anywhere in the world. After careful evaluation of the market SkyNet is creating a network of SKYNET POINT that reduce the difficulties for those unfamiliar in shipments of parcels and documents in the world.

In fact, by entrusting the shipment to the store Skynet Point nearest to your home, recognizable by window sticker from the list or the map, our affiliate will compile the necessary documentation to enable shipment.

The Skynet Point will also provide you the packaging if you don't have it

payment will be made directly at the Skynet Point, you will release the number of TRACKING track the shipment


Do you have a shop? Do you want become a Skynet Point?

May join the circuit and activate your customers international and domestic service , gaining on each shipment processed.

In this way you can grow your business as your point the sale will be placed on our website and no additional advertising immediately start creating shipments for third parties.

Contact us and a representative will provide you all the necessary information and the costs you request.

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to ship your parcel

You can send parcels and documents around the world without making any contract
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Every month special discount for certain international destination
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An express courier with a global network
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