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By virtue of the delivery of materials for transport through the GO COURIER Srl services for shipping, you agree fully fledged general conditions specified below transport. In particular, the terms and conditions specified below can not be changed by any agent or employee of the company GO COURIER Srl or by the customer.

2. AWB consignement note

The awb is not transferable. The Client / Sender, after completing the waybill in person, will sign it taking responsibility for what is written.


The Client / Sender declares under his personal responsibility to have the full and legitimate ownership and disposition of property to be carried or to be an agent authorized by those who have the ownership and disposition of property, and to expressly accept the terms and conditions Skynet on its own behalf and as agent on behalf of anyone else with an interest in the expedition. The Client / Sender warrants that the goods to be transported are properly described in the consignment note (which is the only valid and enforceable by the Customer to Skynet and not of the kind listed in art. 8 (not acceptable objects for transport) expressly declared unacceptable for transport. The Client / Sender also states that the shipment is on the letter of the car properly marked, addressed and packaged in such a way as to ensure that it will not suffer damage if transported by ordinary care and respect befits the non-applicability of the presumption established by Article . 1693, c. II, D.C. Unless otherwise expressly stated on the customer's bill of lading, the collection of marks will also be made by check, excluding any responsibility for Skynetl for the possible default by the issuer of the check. The Customer acknowledges that Skynet may abandon and / or assign any object delivered by the Customer to Skynet for shipment if Skynetl declared it to be unacceptable, or the customer has underestimated the value for customs or not the ' correctly described, whether intentionally or not, in which case Skynet will not be held in any way liable to the Client. The Customer agrees to indemnify, defend, indemnify Skynet from any claim, damage or expense resulting. The Client is solely responsible for payment of all expenses and costs related to shipping (including in way of explanation, VAT and any tax or similar tax) and costs incurred for the return to the customer shipped the goods and / or his temporary storage, during the time in which Skynet shipment in its availability. The Customer acknowledges that Skynet is not a common carrier and that Skynet reserves the right to refuse or withhold at its discretion, shipping or transporting of any object directed to any person, firm or company as well as the shipping or transport of any category of object. Defendant is the non-applicability of Articles. 1685 and 1690 of the commercial code as well as the articles of the Civil Code expressly indicated. The customer has the sole responsibility for all personal and fiscal data related to him and reported on this contract.


The sender must provide for her care packaging of goods so as to ensure a smooth completion of loading, unloading and handling, as well as ensure adequate prevention of loss or damage to goods, the damage to people, things and to operating material. The any possible damages to the vehicle, or the load with unsuitable packaging, will weigh on sender.


Fragile goods travel at the risk and peril. The acceptance of the same by the Skynet does not imply acceptance of liability in case of damage and / or breakage


The bulky goods shall be construed to be those that do not reach the 3 to report mc., Are taxed proportionally according to the expected relationship, regardless of actual weight.

7. COD

The sender is responsible that the amount of the mark is clearly given in figures and letters that says C / CHEQUE (with at least 10 cm x 3) stamp pad. If the sender did not fit what you will, while prodigandoci recovery, held responsible for the failure to collect the solid. In addition, the sender authorizes Skynet to accept checks made payable to account to the sender indicating "NOT TRANSFERABLE" (as per art. 3). N.B. The amount of the mark does not indicate and does not replace the declaration of the value of the goods. The payment of invoices is prior to remittance of marks, therefore, the mark will be returned according to the corresponding remittance and then only if the debt positions of the bills will be regularized by paying


Without the express written consent of an authorized officer Skynetl will not deliver: Cash in any currency, Stamps, Jewelry, Art, Gold, Explosives, precious metals, firearms, precious stones, Live animals or dead, Carboni and industrial diamonds, Salme and human remains, antiques, plants, bank checks, Drugs, bearer, Tobacco, negotiable values, perishable goods, Traveller's checks, obscene material, obscene or pornographic, promissory notes, articles subject to the IATA restrictions, including hazardous materials or fuels, goods whose carriage is prohibited by any law, regulation or rule of any federal, state or local government of any country to or through which the shipment is to be made. Also you will not be accepted for the transport of consignments under the law are subject to a transport document issued where it fails to accompany the consignment in question, provided that the indications (eg. Mark), are not binding on the Skynet if they are not correctly even reported on the consignment note and in accordance with art. 7


SkyNetl reserves the right to accept this contract which is still considered accepted if Skynetl will not be sent, within 60 days. the date of signature, a registered letter containing news of the rejection of the contract itself.


SkyNet has the right, but not the obligation, to inspect any shipment with full faculties, for example, to check the contents. The sender, the owner or the new agent undertaking the expedition are liable for the accuracy and veracity of the statements concerning the content of shipments, as well as the exact compilation of the relevant documents.


Customer agrees to reimburse SkyNetl any fines and / or penalties paid by this following contraventions of the relevant activities to high non-compliance by the Customer with local regulations.


SkyNet has the privilege of every transported material for claims arising from the contract of carriage in respect of all costs, duties, advances or other charges of any kind relating to transport and may keep and do not deliver the goods transported including data art. 8 until such claims and charges have not been paid and / or reimbursed.


The shipper, or a representative, with the sole reason for the expectation of transport SkyNet undertakes to accept the following terms and conditions. No action may be brought in the case of damage of the goods, unless the person entitled to delivery does not protrude claim with the carrier immediately after discovery of damage and, at the latest, within ten days from the date of departure or seven days from the date reception. In any case the complaint has no effect and void if the party who has the right to return has not made reserves written on the transport document. GO COURIER Srl is responsible for loss, theft or damage to the goods transported only in the event that the damaged proves that the event has occurred due to gross negligence attributable to the same Skynet.


In accordance with art. 1696 cc responsibility for Skynetl will be limited to a euro per kilogram of gross weight of the lost or damaged goods for national transport. Out by the above hypotheses and any other relevant event shall GO COURIER Srl will be limited to the minimum amount of one euro per kilogram of transported goods and the actual amount of the loss or damage of a document or parcel as determined in art.


For transportation out of the country of origin is responsible for SkyNet in case of loss or damage to the goods transported, it is limited, pursuant to art. 1696 cc, the amount referred to in Article. 23, c. III of the Convention for road freight transport, ratified by Law 6 December 1960, n. 1621, as amended, to 8.33 units of account per kilogram of gross weight missing, currently equal to EUR 10.41 for each kilogram of gross weight. All insured transport directly from the sender accepts the condition makes clear that the policy excludes the right of recourse against the company Skynet. In case of violation by the customer of this condition, Skynet reserves the right to act in turn claim against the customer for the repayment of all amounts that were required to pay to the insurance company, including legal fees and interest. The reimbursement of the debit notes related to damage and / or loss can never be deducted from the customer from paying bills, except with written permission of Skynet.


Where the shipment is carried out by air and direct way or requires a stop in a country other than that of departure, will be able to apply the rules of the Montreal Convention for the purpose of responsibility for Skynetl, in case of loss or damage of this shipment , if the event occurs in the flight segment. The Montreal Convention governs and in most cases limits the liability of the carrier for loss, damage or delay of delivery. For the purposes of these Conditions of Carriage "Montreal Convention" means the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air done at Montreal on 28.05.1999 as amended or supplemented by subsequent agreements or additional protocols. Notwithstanding any contrary clauses, terms apply to the Montreal Convention to land transport where the place of receipt of the goods and the place designated for delivery specified in the contract are in two different countries, of which at least one party to the Convention .


Given that the classification between documents or packages is determined by the definition that gives the customer the delivery is as stated on the consignment note: (a) the actual value of a document (the latter being any object without commercial value being carried in accordance General Conditions) will be determined based on the lesser of the cost of preparation or replacement, reconstruction or rebuilding applicable at the time and place of shipment; (B) the actual value of a parcel (meaning that any object having commercial value carried in accordance with these Terms and Conditions) will be determined by the lowest sum of the cost of repair or replacement, resale or fair market value at the time and in the place of shipment. In any case the value of the parcel may exceed the original account, actually paid by the customer, increased by 10%. A determination of value according to the above criteria does not derogate from the limit of liability in art. 9.


SkyNet will not be responsible under any circumstances for any indirect, special damage to other indirect loss, however CREATED, whether special or other indirect loss, however CREATED, regardless of whether SkyNet can or can not predict it, including, without limitation, damages for loss of income, profits, interest, profits, enjoyment or customers.


At the customer's request upon payment of premium, SkyNet, stipulate insurance on behalf of the customer for an amount not exceeding EUR 1,550. (A) The insurance coverage shall be governed by the terms of the conditions contained in the insurance policy issued by the insurance company. (B) THE INSURANCE POLICY DOES NOT HOWEVER WILL COVER ANY INDIRECT AND / OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES TO DELAYS IN THE TRANSPORTATION THAT HAVE NEVER compensable AS REPORTED IN ART. 15.


GO COURIER Srl will strive to do the best within their ability to make quick deliveries according to their regular delivery schedules. However GO COURIER Srl NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IN ANY CASE FOR DELAYS IN THE LEVY TRANSMISSION OR DELIVERY OF ANY SHIPMENT, REGARDLESS OF THE CAUSE OF DELAYS, regardless of what is required by the customer on the waybill, having these provisions only indicative. GO COURIER Srl will also not be held responsible for any loss, damage, incorrect or non-delivery. (A) resulting from unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure or any other cause not reasonably attributable to GO COURIER Srl, or: (b) caused by:
I. acts, failures or omissions of the customer, the customer or anyone else abbbia interest in the shipment, (including violation of any provision or stipulation contained herein), to third parties who are not SkyNetl, or state officials, of any post office, shipping agent or the person to whom SkyNet has entrusted an expedition to forward to a destination not regularly served by SkyNet, regardless of whether the customer has or has not requested or is or is not aware of such delivery made by means of third parties, with an express exception to the provisions of Articles. 1699 and 1700 commercial code .;
II. nature of the shipment or defects, features or inherent vice thereof;
III. electrical or magnetic damage, erasures or other drawbacks of the kind suffered by electronic or photographic images or recordings of any kind.


Rates, list of locations served and conditions are subject to change without notice; rates do not include VAT


Notwithstanding the provisions of art. 1698 commercial code .; all claims must be submitted by the Customer in writing and delivered to the office SkyNetl within 10 days from the date of acceptance of the shipment by SkyNet or 7 days from the delivery date of the shipment. Beyond this period no claim can be deducted from the cost of transport due to Skynet charges. In any case no claim will be taken into account if they are not first been paid all transportation charges due.


The conditions and stipulations contained herein shall be applicable and effective in favor of SkyNet and its authorized agents and subsidiaries, and their officers, directors and employees.


The payment terms are mandatory and failure to comply will automatically lead to the application of default interest, pursuant to art. 5 of Decree Law n. 231/02, for cases by D.L. expected. In other cases it is subject to the statutory interest.


All matters not provided in these conditions are subject to the "GENERAL CONDITIONS" practiced by Italian Couriers for national transport.


In the event that the customer is attributable, according to current legislation, the type of "consumer":
- The court of jurisdiction will be that in reason of their domicile elected by the customer, if located in Italy;
- Clauses that, under current legislation, may be considered null and / or ineffective should be considered expunged from the text, without prejudice to the validity of the remaining clauses of the General Conditions of Carriage.
The consumer is informed that it is still applicable, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, the limitation of liability provided for by art. 1696 cc These general conditions of carriage are composed of n. 25 items.
Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles. 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the Customer / Shipper declares to accept the terms of the following items: 3. Statement and the Client / Sender obligations. 4. Packaging 5. fragile goods. 7. Marking 12. Privilege. 13. Limitation of Liability. 14. Disclaimer for international shipments (Montreal Convention) 15. Actual value. 16. Exclusion of indirect damages. 18. Responsibility is not assumed. 19. Variations. 20. Complaints. 24. Jurisdiction.
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