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paris how to ship parcels and documents

Send parcels in the city of Paris It is very simple, even if you are an individual who does not have special account with couriers. through our web site Richiedi Spedizione eneter all the datas request. The following day one of our driver will pick up at your facility or home your shipment.


Which places to visit in Paris?

There are many monuments, structures, landscapes and the fun places that you can visit in the city of Paris, we find the key.

The Eiffel Tower

It is the most famous Paris monumet, often used as a symbol of France. Every year it is visited by about 6 million tourists. It was built in occasion of the Universal Exposition held in Paris in 1889.

Tour Eiffel Paris

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum in Paris ranks first in the world for number of visitors annually, reaching almost 9 million, and is one of the most famous museums around the world. Inside you can find many of the most famous works ever made.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

More simply known as Notre-Dame, it is the main place of Christian cult in the city of Paris and all France. Built from 1163 to 1344.

map metro Paris

Metro Paris

How much it cost to ship the goods to Paris?

You can calculate the price of shipping to anywhere in the world thanks to this automatic calculator on our homepage. Simply enter all the required data by specifying the type of merchandise that you want to ship and instantly create a quote of your shipment. Now try to calculate the price of your shipment .

Skynet is not a comparator of rates

What does this mean? That SkyNet is an International Express Courier, so for any need you turn not to a service seller as a comparator of prices, but to a courier who work directly with the shipments and can track and resolve any anomalies, the comparator would only through.

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We cover covers a wide range of needs in the movement of goods , with high skills and quality standards of international level using the most modern technologies to ensure Logistics effectiveness

SkyNet is not just a freight forwarder

SkyNet is recognized as one of the best forwarders and express couriers in Europe and in the world. The forwarder is the professional who takes care of the transport of goods, especially the more complex ones that require high skills and knowledge of international regulations.

The forwarder is not the one who is concerned in sending parcels . Today the amount of traffic around the world is supported by the most advanced technology and the operator must be able to meet the most demanding needs: send delicate items, send bulky equipment, ship luggage on international destinations, and more.

The forwarder also needs to know the condition of air, rail or road shipment of every country in which it operates. This international shipments are complex and require a professional and an organization to ensure that they know the logistics of any goods moving or documents.

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